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About Us

Pure Linen Inspired By Natural Luxury.
Welcome to Linen Social, where luxury meets legacy.

Established in 2018, our passion lies in elevating your everyday moments - because life’s simple pleasures deserve to be savoured. At Linen Social, transparency is one of our core values, and we appreciate how important it is to make informed choices about the products you invest in. 

With this in mind, we believe in providing our customers with clear insights into our production process. Read on for some further details about the materials we use, our sustainability initiatives and what you can expect when shopping with us!

Use of Eco-Friendly Fibres

We’ve made a purposeful choice to use 100% French Flax linen for our products due to its eco-friendly attributes. This type of linen is derived from flax plants that can thrive without the use of harmful fertilisers or pesticides. The manufacturing process of linen also consumes significantly less water and energy when compared to cotton, with less wastage during production as the entire flax plant can be woven into the fibre.

In addition (and unlike other textiles), linen becomes softer and more comfortable with each wash - ensuring that your investment in quality lasts longer, without needing to be regularly replaced.

Use of Sustainable Packaging

In our commitment to reducing waste and minimising our environmental impact, we’ve also adopted eco-conscious packaging solutions. Our products are shipped in fully biodegradable mailing satchels sourced in Australia, while our packing tape (sourced from Biogone) is landfill-biodegradable. 

For larger items, we utilise sturdy cardboard boxes, providing both protection for your purchase and peace of mind for the environment.

Abiding by Eco-Friendly Industry Standards

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of sustainability and ethical production practices. Our factories adhere to the rigorous criteria of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, a globally recognised certification ensuring that every component of our products is free from harmful substances.  

We have also received our EUROPEAN FLAX® certificate which guarantees the quality of our linen. Our linen fabrics range in GSM (grams per square metre) from 165 to 450, offering versatility and durability without compromising on sustainability.

Our Products

Whether you’re slipping between the sheets, cosying up on the couch or setting the table, we make ordinary moments extraordinary. From pure linen bedding to sleepwear and apparel, our products are thoughtfully designed to transform your daily rituals into moments of pure indulgence.

Linen Bedding

Fall asleep with the luxury of linen with our signature pure linen duvet sets.
Woven from 100% pure flax linen sourced ethically from France, our premium
duvet sets are the perfect companion for effortlessly luxurious bedroom styling.

Lifestyle Products

Elevate your lifestyle with our premium linen products, including bean bags
and picnic rugs, designed to infuse comfort, style, and versatility into your
everyday experiences.


Made from the finest, breathable linen fabric, our loungewear ensures you
stay cool and comfortable throughout the day and night. The natural properties
of linen wick away moisture and keep you feeling fresh, making it perfect for
both lounging and sleeping.