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Instructional Video Below.

For your convenience we have created a simple step-by-step video guide to successfully filling your new bean bag. Alternatively you can follow our written instructions below.

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Step-By-Step Instructions - How To Fill Your Bean Bag

All our bean bags have the zipper pull removed. This is a safety feature of the bean bag and has been intentionally designed this way. The paper clip provided is to be used to open and close the bean bag.

1. Locate the zip on your bean bag cover.

2. Take your paperclip (provided with your order) and feed it through the hole and underneath the latch inside of the zip.

It's important to ensure the paper clip is on the lower side of the latch (in the zip), not the top side so that it disengages by pulling the paperclip directly up and sliding.

3. Lift the paper clip directly up to release the safety latch and then slide to open.

4. Lay the cover flat and line up the base and the tip of the liner with the base and the tip of the cover.

5. Feed the corners of the base of the liner and the tip of the liner into the cover.

This is an important step to get right! The liner is shaped like the linen cover, so you must make sure you insert the liner the right way before filling with beans. The liner once inside the linen cover isn't designed to be taken off, rather it acts as a second layer of support to prevent any beans from coming out.

6. Grab your bag of beans and cut off the corner and then set aside

Cutting the corner only will ensure an even flow of beans when pouring into the liner and will prevent beans from spilling.

7. Lift up the bean bag ensuring you have a hold of the tip of both the liner and the cover.

8. Locate the opening of the bean bag.

9. Ask a friend to hold the opening of the bean bag cover and liner while you pour in the beans

Use both hands to spread the opening as wide as possible whilst the other person begins pouring the beans into the liner.

10. As the liner starts to fill, gently shake the beans down to avoid overflowing.

11. Continue until you have filled the liner to your desired volume.

12. Now it's time to zip it up. Use the paperclip to engage the safety latch, zipping the liner up first, and then the cover.

13. Give your bean bag a shake to settle the beans inside the liner

14. You’re all done. Now all that’s left to do is to sit back and relax on your new luxury linen bean bag!

How Do I Clean My Linen Bean Bag?

The bean bag is an indoor product that can be spot cleaned when needed. Simply use some lukewarm soapy water and sponge down the area to remove any marks. To dry, leave your bean bag outside in a shaded area, out of direct sunlight.