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As the bedding of choice for many 5-star hotels across the world, linen bed sheets offer the ultimate mix of comfort, style and sustainability. But if you’re yet to discover the luxury of linen, don’t worry - we’re here to convert you. 

From softness to maintenance and durability, keep reading as we share 7 essential reasons to love linen bedding, while answering your frequently asked questions along the way.


1. Linen bedding is long-lasting

Let’s be honest - if you’re buying new bed sheets year after year, you’re doing it wrong! Pure linen bed sheets are actually a great investment for the home due to their long-lasting properties. This is because linen is the most durable natural fibre in the world - nearly 30% stronger than cotton.

The longevity of linen offers maximum value for money, meaning you won’t need to continually replace your bedding. In fact, pure linen sheets are often used as family heirlooms and passed down through the generations. 

So exactly how long do linen sheets last for? When maintained and cared for properly, you can expect good quality pure linen bedding to go the distance for decades.


2. Linen bedding feels like heaven

If you’ve never slept on linen bed sheets before, you might be wondering about their texture. What do linen bed sheets feel like? Are linen sheets scratchy?

Anyone who has experienced the luxury of linen sheets before will attest that pure linen is the softest and most comfortable bedding there is. Pure linen sheets are often described as feeling buttery soft and delicate on the skin. Our pure linen Duvet Sets and pure linen Sheet Sets are also stonewashed after manufacturing to provide additional softness and a beautifully crumpled texture. 

So what makes pure linen bedding feel so soft? Well, it’s thought that the microscopic breaks in linen fabric help to gently massage your skin and stimulate your blood flow. Talk about luxurious! Pure linen bed sheets are also hypoallergenic and antibacterial, making it ideally suited for those with sensitive skin.


3. Linen bedding adjusts to your body temperature

If you live in a warmer climate, you might also be wondering - are linen sheets cool to sleep in? The answer is yes! Pure linen bedding is often the material of choice for hot or humid environments, due to its lightweight and breathable properties. In fact, you’ll find pure linen bed sheets perfectly adjust to changing temperatures - keeping you warm and snug throughout winter, and comfortable and cool throughout summer.


4. Linen bedding improves with age

Just like a fine wine, your pure linen bedding will only get better with age. Linen fibres actually become softer and more absorbent over time, so you can expect your lived-in linen sheets to feel extra luxurious with each wash.


5. Linen bedding is low maintenance

Linen bed sheets are machine washable and quick-drying, making them super simple to love and care for. These low-maintenance sheets can be washed with a mild detergent in warm (not hot) water, and hung out to dry for best results.


6. Linen bedding is eco-friendly

If you’re looking for eco-friendly bed sheets, linen is the answer. Our pure linen Duvet Sets and Sheet Sets are sourced sustainably and ethically from flax plants in France (you can learn more about why we use 100% French flax linen here). The cool thing about flax plants is that all parts of the plant are used, with absolutely zero wastage. Plus, the cultivation of flax requires only one-fifth of the pesticides, irrigation and energy used to produce cotton - making it a smarter choice for your bedding. 


7. Linen bedding is aesthetically pleasing

Pure linen bedding adds a sense of elegance and luxury to your bedroom that simply can’t be matched! Styling with linen provides endless bedding options, with different colourways available to suit your own interior style. 

Keep it classic with our White or Natural Duvet Sets, or make a statement with rich earthy hues like Tobacco and Dusty Pink. You’ll find pure linen bed sheets also layer beautifully together, allowing you to mix and match different colours for a totally custom look.

Looking for the best French linen bedding? Fall asleep to the luxury of linen today with our full range of pure linen Duvet Sets, Sheet Sets and European Pillowcases.