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Now more than ever we feel called to support and inspire self-care within our community. With constant change outside of us, the ability to ground down and control how we show up and take care of ourselves daily can have a tremendous impact not only on our lives but also the lives of those who surround us - our loved ones, and our community.

At linen social our home is our sanctuary and being able to create an environment that supports our wellbeing is paramount. Loungewear and linen sheets are how we begin and end each day so we got curious, what self-care routines and rituals can we integrate from the comfort of our own home?

We connected with Holistic Mindset Coach, Alisha Kelly founder of Aluve to explore a little more about self-care and simple practices that can have a profound impact on how we show up each day. Through her journey, Alisha has curated a range of tools, insights, and rituals to support both herself and others with internal struggles they may be facing.

We are grateful for her wisdom and the opportunity to share the learnings with our community.


 What does self-care mean to you?

Self-care to me is a range of different non-negotiable strategies and practices that I do on a daily or weekly basis so that I can show up in the world as the most connected and fulfilled version of myself. These practices are essential for me to ‘fill my cup up’ and allow me to be present, feel joy and help others. In the work that I do, it is paramount that I continuously work on my self-care so that I can support my clients and community. Self-care to me is a combination of daily rituals that support both my physical and emotional state.



What are your top 5 self-care practices & why?

1. Meditation
This is probably my most essential self-care practice because it guides me back into myself. It allows me to connect within whilst clearing space mentally so that I can be creative and show up as the most present version of myself each day.

2. Yoga/Walking/Pilates/Grounding
Mindful movement is something that I find extremely important to draw myself back into my body and out of my head. I can be a little over-thinker at times with my Aquarian mind so I have learnt that things such as Yoga, Pilates or Walking in nature are simple ways to draw me back into focusing on the now.

3. Breathwork
I use breathwork each morning when I wake up, even if it’s just for a few minutes. It helps to shift my state and allows me to gain clarity and awareness for the day ahead. It also is such a nice technique I incorporate to minimise stress and re-centre myself when I need it.

4. Journaling
Journaling to me is a way to access my subconscious mind and work through any limiting beliefs or blocks I may be holding onto. Alongside this, I use journaling to express gratitude, manifest my desires and also just to brain dump any worries or stresses circulating in my mind.

5. Inner child work
Finding inner child work was such a pivotal moment for me along my journey. It is a process and concept I integrate a lot in my personal inner work as well as with my clients in sessions. The ‘inner child’ simply put is a part of our subconscious mind that holds on to all the emotions stored, the limiting beliefs, trauma, and memories from childhood. In order to work through things surfacing in my current reality, I use this work to access this part and clear through whatever is preventing me from feeling my most fulfilled and connected self.

What are some tips that you have for someone who is new to practicing self-care?

Self-care and inner work can appear overwhelming when you are first starting out as there is SO much out there that different people talk about and tell you to incorporate into your daily routine. Trying to do everything from the get-go can set you up to fall off the wagon and back into old habits easily.

1. Start off small and with whatever you gravitate towards most
For example, if you are drawn to meditating and would like to start here, start by just trying a little 5-minute guided meditation, then eventually expand from here. Or if journaling is something you feel drawn to, then start by just spending a few minutes writing out 3 things you are grateful for.

2. Narrow down & remind yourself daily of the ‘why’ behind doing self-care
For example, for me, the ‘why’ behind doing self-care is so that I can show up in the world as my happiest and most present self, so that I can have connected relationships with the people I love and so that I can feel fulfilled and able to help others.

3. Schedule time each day
For example, even if it’s just waking up a few minutes earlier to do some simple breathwork techniques or a meditation.

4. Be gentle on yourself
Self-care is about creating new habits and try to focus on the rewards you will feel and get after doing the practices.

For those seeking some additional support on their wellness journey, you can connect with Alisha @aluve.

Happy Self-care Sunday x