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Safety Guidelines

Here at Linen Social, safety is our top priority. Please note that our Baby Lounger is designed as a temporary space for your baby under direct supervision, and not as a baby bed.

Do not use a baby lounger for any sleep, including supervised sleep. Infants should sleep on a flat, firm, and uncluttered surface that meets current safety standards for infant sleep.

Please follow the below safety guidelines when using our Baby Lounger:

- Direct supervision is required at all times when using the baby lounger. Never leave your baby in the baby lounger unattended (regardless of whether they are sleeping, resting or playing)

- Use the baby lounger only for awake and supervised playtime, never for sleep.

- Do not use the Baby Lounger in a cot, bassinet, moses basket or other enclosed space. The lounger is designed to be used on a firm surface. 

- Avoid using accessories or products that are not specifically designed for use with the baby lounger. This includes pillows, blankets, or toys that can pose a suffocation risk.

- Do not place the Baby Lounger next to a wall or vertical surface.

- Do not tilt the Baby Lounger or place it on any surface that it could fall from.

- Babies should always be placed on their back with their feet touching the bottom of the Baby Lounger.

- Keep the Baby Lounger away from any open flames.

- If using our Baby Lounger Linen Covers, ensure cover is securely attached and flattened before placing your baby inside.

- Follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and care of the baby lounger. Make sure to use the lounger only as directed, and check for any signs of wear or damage before each use.


As per the Red Nose Guidelines, we believe the safest place for your baby to sleep is on a clean, firm mattress in a bassinet or cot, placed on their back. We do not recommend using our Baby Lounger for co-sleeping, overnight sleeping, or any period of unsupervised sleep, under any circumstances. Please refer to the Red Nose Guidelines HERE for the most up-to-date safe sleeping practices.