Linen Social Nursing Pillow Cover - Natural Stripe

$37.00 AUD
Natural Stripe

100% Pure Linen

Machine Washable

Unique Moisture-Wicking Tencel® Fibres

Doubles As Tummy Time Pillow


Our Natural Striped Linen Nursing Pillow Cover is an essential item, designed to fit perfectly over our Linen Social Nursing Pillow.

Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, this plush nursing pillow works by lifting and cradling bub for an ideal feeding position. Designed with your comfort in mind, our Linen Social Nursing Pillow is compact enough to fit in a rocking chair while also being wide enough for your baby to lie on (so your arms don’t have to do all the work!).

Not just a nursing aid, our versatile nursing pillow grows alongside your baby and can be used as a prop for supervised tummy time, sitting and playing to help your little one develop new skills. Created with unique moisture-wicking Tencel® fibres, this soft support pillow is also ultra-breathable, hypoallergenic and machine-washable for easy cleaning.

A newborn essential for those round-the-clock feeds, or a beautiful baby shower gift for new mamas!

Shop our Linen Social Nursing Pillow with Linen Cover included here.

Product Features


0-12 months


1 x Natural Linen Nursing Pillow Cover


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Additional Information

Safety Guidelines

Here at Linen Social, safety is our top priority. Please note that our Nursing Pillow is designed as a temporary space for your baby to feed and rest under direct supervision, and not as a baby bed.

- Our Nursing Pillow should never be used as a sleep aid or placed in a baby's crib or bassinet, and is not recommended for co-sleeping. Please follow the below safety guidelines when using our Nursing Pillow:

- Direct supervision is required at all times when using the Nursing Pillow.

Never leave your baby in the Nursing Pillow unattended (regardless of whether they are sleeping, resting or playing), and be sure to check on your baby regularly.

- Do not use the Nursing Pillow in a cot, bassinet, moses basket or other enclosed space.

- Do not place the Nursing Pillow next to a wall or vertical surface.

- Do not use loose blankets with the Nursing Pillow. If your baby needs extra warmth, use a lightweight sleeping bag or add an extra layer of clothing.

- Only use the Nursing Pillow on a flat, stable surface. 

- Do not tilt the Nursing Pillow or place it on any surface that it could fall from. Keep the Nursing Pillow away from any open flames.



As per the Red Nose Guidelines, we believe the safest place for your baby to sleep is on a clean, firm mattress in a bassinet or cot, placed on their back. We do not recommend using our Nursing Pillow for co-sleeping, overnight sleeping or any period of unsupervised sleep, under any circumstances. Please refer to the Red Nose Guidelines HERE for the most up-to-date safe sleeping practices.

Care Instructions


Wash separately using lukewarm water and either a gentle hand wash or machine wash (<40 degrees) on a delicate cycle.

Use a mild detergent (such as Softly Delicates) that contains no bleach or optical brighteners.

If you choose to hand wash only leave your linen to soak for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Air-dry in the shade.

COVER ONLY - If needed, your Nursing Pillow Cover can be tumble-dried on low heat. If you do need to use the dryer take it out whilst still slightly damp and lay flat to finish drying. 

Store your Nursing Pillow Cover in a cool, dry place with appropriate ventilation.


Use bleach or detergent with optical brighteners.

Use fabric softener.

Wash your linen at high temperatures as this can cause shrinkage and weaken the natural fibres.

Dry in direct sunlight as this damages the fibres.

Tumble-dry your Nursing Pillow.

Store your Nursing Pillow Cover in direct sunlight, as this can cause discolouration.


What is the fit of the nursing pillow cover supposed to be like?

Our covers are designed to be snug. For this reason, you may need to play around a little when putting the cover on your nursing pillow to ensure it is sitting correctly.

How do I wash my nursing pillow cover?

Remove the cover from the pillow and wash separately using lukewarm water (<40 degrees) and either a gentle hand wash or machine wash on a delicate cycle, using a mild detergent (such as Softly Delicates) that contains no bleach or optical brighteners. Fabric softener is not necessary or required when washing linen. Linen will naturally soften with each wash. If you choose to hand wash your linen only leave to soak for a maximum of 10 minutes.

We recommend laying your linen flat to air-dry in the shade and out of direct sunlight. We advise against drying your linen in a tumble dryer. If you do need to use a tumble dryer, do so on low heat only and ensure that your linen is removed whilst still slightly damp and lay flat to finish drying. Over drying your linen in a tumble dryer may cause the linen to become brittle and bleached.


To Go With Your Cover

Feeding bub just got a whole lot easier with our Linen Social Nursing Pillow fitted with our custom linen removable cover.

This lightweight, U-shaped nursing pillow is ergonomically designed to wrap snugly around your body - helping to reduce back, arm and neck strain while gently supporting your little one.