Jessica W

We absolutely adore and could not recommend the baby lounger from Linen Social more! Was our number 1 most used baby item from day one when we came home. From supervised naps, to tummy time, to cute baby sleeping photos, and even perfect for soft toys in a play area. This is one product I would highly suggest everyone own with a newborn!

Danielle L

We purchased the baby lounger and cover for our newborn son, and 9 months on we are still loving it and using it regularly. In the first few months it was utilized every day. Carter loved sleeping in it and the shape of the lounger hugged him so beautifully. It helped us feel more safe knowing he was contained and comfortable. Moving on we now use it when we go camping (when he sleeps between us, do at your own risk) and when we have naps on the go, such as the beach. Really great product and worth every cent. Highly recommend

Bonnie G

I wasnt sure how much we would use the baby lounger, but i knew it was gorgeous and i loved the idea of it. since we had our second born we have used it everyday, its so handy to have to put bub somewhere safe to nap during the day or rest her down while we tend to other things.
definitely one of our most used baby items, probably tied first place along with our baby carrier!
love it so much!