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As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we want to acknowledge the many roles and responsibilities women juggle each day. From managing careers to supporting families and friends, the demands of being a woman can be often overwhelming.

With this in mind, creating dedicated spaces for self-care and relaxation has become more important than ever. Because nurturing your wellbeing shouldn’t just be a luxury, but a necessity!

At Linen Social, we’re committed to helping you create spaces where you can unwind, recharge and find small pockets of peace in your daily routine. Read on for our guide to prioritising self-care this International Women’s Day, and using linen to elevate your everyday moments.

Create a Sanctuary of Comfort (And Better Sleep)

Your bedroom should be a sacred space you can walk into and instantly relax. Transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort and tranquillity with our 100% pure linen bedding range, made from buttery soft French flax. 

Whether you spend 10 minutes journaling at night, indulging in a quiet cup of tea or reading a good book, nothing compares to melting into your sheets at the end of a busy day (and getting the sleep you truly deserve!).

Carve Out Dedicated Time for Self-Care

It’s crucial to prioritise dedicated time for self-care in your weekly routine. We mean it - set an alarm, mark it in your calendar and block out some non-negotiable time, just for you. 

Self-care looks different for everyone, but we love unwinding in a leisurely bath, using our favourite skincare products and listening to a guided meditation. Treat yourself to our 100% French linen robes to make your bathtime ritual feel extra luxurious! (coming back in stock soon)

Embrace Comfort in Your Every Day

Whether you’re working from home, running errands or enjoying a quiet night in, embrace comfort in your everyday attire (without sacrificing on style). Our linen apparel and loungewear sets are designed to help you transition seamlessly from day to night, allowing you to enjoy unmatched comfort. We’re all about reducing the mental load by giving you easy, effortless outfits you can simply throw on and go.


Set the Table for Connection

Finally, fill your cup and cherish the company of your loved ones by setting the table for connection. Our linen tableware elevates even the most simple meals, creating a memorable dining experience. Linen napkins and tablecloths shouldn’t just be reserved for fancy occasions - use them whenever you want your meals to feel that little bit extra special!

So, here's to the women who inspire us every day - to the mothers, daughters, sisters and friends who deserve these moments of self-care and relaxation. We see you, appreciate you, and would be lost without you.

Happy International Women's Day from all of us at Linen Social x